Our Fees

How Our Fees Work

The Whitestone Clinic is a fee for service counselling centre, which provides individual, couple, family, and group therapy. Most of our contracted counsellors are psychologist supervised, so most insurance providers will cover a portion of the sessions. (Please check with your provider.)

The Whitestone Clinic has competitive rates offering savings of up to $90 per session compared to the cost of seeing a psychologist claiming our specialties.

Payment is usually made at the beginning of a session and receipts are issued upon request.

Rates vary by therapist, be sure to verify the service costs during booking.

Payment & Insurance

We accept payments in cash, by cheque, credit card or e-transfer (sent in advance) but we cannot accept debit. Payment is due at the beginning of the session and receipts issued upon request.

Most therapists are psychologist supervised which means most insurance providers cover a portion of your sessions. Clients submit their receipts to their insurance provider for reimbursement. If a client is not covered by insurance, receipts can be submitted with all medical expenses when taxes are filed.

Did you know about our Membership Program?

The Membership Program is mandatory for group therapy members if you are also seeing a qualified therapist contracted to provide services for The Whitestone Clinic for individual or couple therapy.

This program allows you to pay a set monthly rate at the beginning of each month to attend four group therapy sessions and one individual or couple session. As a member, you will receive special savings of over $30 a month. People who see an outside therapist but attend our groups must pay the full group fee.

As an added bonus, a member is able to convert a pre-planned missed group session into a 25-minute phone therapy session with their respective therapist. However, if a client misses an appointment, group session, or phone session, without pre-notification, or fails to make an appointment with the designated counsellor or therapist, the session fees are considered spent and may not be used toward the following month's services.

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